About Charlotte’s Oven

Charlotte’s reputation precedes her throughout Hawkes Bay. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Cordon Bleu chef. Charlotte is renowned for providing the perfect food to match any occasion and location. Charlotte prides herself in creating menus to suit your needs with a distinctive personal touch no matter what the event.

Before moving to New Zealand 12 years ago Charlotte ran a successful private catering company in Oxfordshire, England. Charlotte was the resident chef at the iconic Wallingford Homestead in Hawkes Bay for 12 years. During her time at Wallingford Homestead she repeatedly received the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards excelling at cooking New Zealand grown meat and produce.

Charlotte delights in helping others incorporate beautiful homestyle, traditional and wholesome food into their family kitchens. Having raised four active children of her own whilst juggling a career, she knows only too well that modern life is busy and hectic. The importance of fueling your family and yourself with enjoyable food, despite limited time, is at the heart of the ethos of Charlotte’s Oven.

Charlotte’s rural lifestyle and her passion for homegrown food is mirrored in her concept of making pre-made meals using ‘home kill’ meat. It is noticeable in all of Charlotte’s homestyle meals how she values using seasonal produce. She has a skill for making meals desirable for the kids, as well as the adults, whilst using a multitude of vegetables. The delight Charlotte takes in creating delicious and nutritious food is reflected throughout all her cooking.